eBay Price Guarantee

See how much you'll make—right away.

How it works


Start a listing for your item, and eBay will automatically determine if it qualifies for the eBay Price Guarantee.


If it qualifies, follow our pricing guidance and list your item for sale.


If it sells for less, you'll receive an eBay Coupon for the difference.

What qualifies?

eBay offers a price guarantee on guitars and many tech items, including smartphones, tablets, Apple laptops, smart watches, and video game consoles.* Products that qualify for the guarantee change over time, and our listing price recommendation is based on the performance of similar items recently sold on eBay. This is the minimum amount you can expect, though your item could sell for more (and we hope it does!).

If your item qualifies, you'll see a guaranteed pricing option like this

If your item doesn't qualify after you enter your item's details, you'll simply see the usual listing options, like this

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