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Lowest fees in the game for authenticated sneakers. Learn more.

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Authenticity Guarantee ensures physical authentication and verified returns at no cost to you.

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A sneaker is sold on eBay every 4 seconds. We have the buyers for you.

  • Create a winning listing
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Give and get support

Create a winning listing

Learn to list like a pro

Seller School

Try a hands-on approach to:

  • Make your listing stand out
  • Save on shipping
  • Sell with Authenticity Guarantee

Listing tips

Learn how to:

  • Take the perfect photo
  • Write a click-worthy title
  • Decide on the price

Optimize your sneakers listing with these photo angles

Sneaker tag

A blue tag icon.

Left/right outer

A blue outline of the inner part of a right and left sneaker.

Left/right inner

A blue outline of the outer part of a right and left sneaker.


A blue outline of the top of a right and left sneaker.


A blue outline of the bottom of a right and left sneaker.


A blue outline of the front of a right and left sneaker.


A blue outline of the back of a right and left sneaker.

Box condition

A blue outline of a box.
A person taking a picture of an OMEGA watch in a box.

Get the right shot

  • Use up to 12 of your best photos
  • Only show items buyer will receive
  • Show all defects and flaws

Shipping and packaging

Make it an easy process

Receive discounted shipping services by using eBay Labels and get items to your buyer smoothly by shipping them to our authentication facility. Proper shipping ensures a smooth authentication process.

  • Pack the shoebox and the packing slip in a larger box and line the sides with bubble wrap to avoid shifting in transit.
  • Ensure that all relevant information is on your shipping label. If you use eBay Labels, everything—including the unique code that allows the authenticator to process orders smoothly—is included. If you create your own shipping labels, be sure to include the code on the third line as shown in the example.
  • Only include items in the original listing as sold, no extra merchandise.
A mockup eBay shipping label.

How the authentication facility ships and packs

  • 1

    The authentication team receives the sneakers and any collateral materials, including but not limited to box and papers, and confirms that the item is consistent with the listing title, description, and images.

  • 2

    The authentication team performs a multi-point physical authentication inspection.

  • 3

    A security tag is attached to the left sneaker and is then carefully packaged with eBay branded boxes, and a unique NFC-enabled authentication card filled with detailed information about the item.

  • 4

    The sneaker is shipped to the buyer via expedited FedEx tracked shipping with secure, signature-required delivery.

Give and get support

eBay supports you even when the transaction is complete

Authenticity Guarantee returns and protections

  • In the case of a return, we confirm you get back what you sent out.
  • Items are inspected before they get back to you.
  • If something happens that is out of your control, we stand behind you.
  • Money Back Guarantee is also offered on final sales that are not Authenticity Guarantee orders. Learn more   ?
A pair of gloved hands measuring the length of the back of a sneaker. The other sneaker in the back is also in-frame lying on a light blue background.

Sell with total confidence

With Authenticity Guarantee, eBay has your back every step of the way.

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